How Regenerative Therapy Treats Joint Injuries?

Joint injuries are often caused due to aging or through major trauma/accidents. And treatments for these injuries are often invasive.

Joint injuries are often caused due to aging or through major trauma/accidents. And treatments for these injuries are often invasive. Patients have two choices either take pills and mask the pain or take a risk and undergo surgeries. If you prefer the first option, then you would have to live with lifelong supplements to ease the pain temporarily or if you opt for the second option, then you would have to undergo invasive joint replacement surgery that takes its own time to heal. Both the options are less satisfactory and not promising. Well, now medical treatments offer regenerative treatment as an additional option for treating joint injuries. This treatment procedure is non-invasive and gives you promising results.

This therapy is the process of injecting regenerative cell graft into one’s body to cure medical ailments that involve depleting or damaged tissues and organ parts. The injected cells start reproducing at a rapid rate while replacing the damaged or depleting cells with new ones. Through this process of regeneration, the infections are cured faster and efficiently.

Regenerative therapies for joint


Prolotherapy consists of two solution components; concentrated dextrose and local anesthetic. This mixture when injected targets the injured area and initiates healing process by encouraging the growth of new cells and creating space for their growth. This treatment generally lasts up to 6 weeks until the cartilage is fully regenerated. You can benefit from prolotherapy if you have arthritis, rotator cuff, tendonitis, a bulging disc or painful shoulder, lower back, and neck.

Platelets rich plasma

In this therapy, a small sample of your blood is collected and placed in a centrifuge to isolate the blood platelets from the other components. When these isolated platelets are injected into your body, it starts repairing tissues besides signaling other stem cells to assist in repairing the inflamed cells. PRP therapy delivers a high concentration of the plasma into your body and promotes the healing of sports injuries.

Platelet lysates

Platelet lysates have a lot more significant benefits than the traditional PRP as the high concentration of the growth factors are released immediately into your body. Thus, it accelerates your healing process and reducing your inflammations faster. This therapy cures bone fractures that don’t heal, pain derived from diabetes and foot pain.

Regenerative therapy procedure

Step 1: Regenerative tissues are extracted from your own body through blood samples. This procedure follows safe methods as the cells are taken from your own body.

Step 2: It is placed into a centrifuge which isolates the necessary components from other and injected into the injured area.

Step 3: To reduce the discomforts during the process local anesthetics are used. This procedure takes less than an hour to complete and requires no hospital stay. You are free to walk out and follow your routine.

Regenerative therapies provide great relief from joint injuries as it is based on internal healing where the healthy cells reproduce rapidly to repair and replace the damaged cells. Since the recovery process is based on the cells’ self-coordination and internal healing, major complications can be avoided.

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