Amniotic Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

We move our bodies every single day, even to take care of inconsequential tasks. But, no matter how menial they are, those daily movements contribute to the slow and eventual degeneration of the body; more specifically, the degeneration of your joints. We use our knees in so many daily motions that any type of joint pain becomes a major debilitating distraction. The degeneration of joints can occur in any joints in the body, especially those that experience lots of wear-and-tear.

For minor and moderate cartilage tears, the pain can only be temporary for a few weeks. But, for those suffering from traumatic injuries or lifelong joint conditions, the pain never goes away. These individuals could have ACL or PCL injuries, meniscus tears, chondromalacia, knee degeneration, and more. How can their joint pains be alleviated?

With Our Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Recent developments in Amniotic Regenerative Medicine have made it possible to treat degenerative joint conditions easily, quickly, and naturally, without the need for medications, steroids, or surgery. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy is a non-surgical treatment option in which a high concentration of regenerative cells are injected into the affected area. From there, these cells target the damaged and deteriorated tissues to immediately reduce inflammation and reverse the damage that has been done, naturally.

The amniotic material is obtained from consenting donors who have undergone elective c-sections. The fluid is processed at an FDA regulated lab, and is checked for a full slate of diseases per FDA guidelines. The amniotic material has been used over 60,000 times in the US with no adverse events reported. Simply put: Amniotic Regenerative stem cell Therapy is the best chronic joint treatment out there.

At Colorado Regenerative Health, we specialize in Amniotic Regenerative cell Therapy and use the most cutting-edge therapies to reduce chronic joint pain. After just one treatment, we promise that your joint pain will be alleviated.

If you’re suffering from chronic joint pain, you could be an ideal candidate for Regenerative Cell Therapy. Schedule your free consultation with our specialists today!

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